Fire Hose Testing

Fire hose testing is one of the main services KLR provides.  We do some of the most thorough and documented hose testing available and know how to prepare and inspect any fire hose. KLR makes sure that all fire hose is inspected according to the most current NFPA standards.

Many fire companies don’t realize the risks of not having fire hose inspected. According to NFPA 1962 2013 edition, fire hose should be tested annually. We provide proper documentation of every section of hose.

Why contract fire hose testing with KLR Fire Services?

  • We employ properly trained and professional personnel who know the ‘ins and outs’
  • KLR has the proper equipment that enables us to test fire hose faster than traditional ‘in house’ systems
  • Reliable and accurate testing records of both passed and failed fire hose
  • Liability decreased for fire chief and other personnel
  • KLR allows for more time to be focused on other vital training for firefighters

Fire hose testing includes:

  • Removal of fire hose from compartment and/or hose bed
  • Hose prior to July 1987 is removed and set aside per NFPA standards
  • Documenting each individual section with our labeling system or will continue with preexisting ID system
  • Inspection of nozzles, fire hose, couplings, and appliances up to NFPA standards
  • Rolling and repacking all hose the same way it was removed from the truck